Our 4 Forgotten Essentials to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

We all know it’ll happen eventually. Right? It’s inevitable. At some point in the not too-distant future, there will be a radical virus that overtakes the human population and as a result will create zombie like creatures not unlike those we see in movies and read about in books. Since this is an obvious fact the real question is; why aren’t you preparing for a zombie attack?

A post-apocalyptic zombified wasteland might just take priority over your next advanced composites project so it seems appropriate at Halloween to share Composites Media’s 4 essential items to surviving a Zombie Apocalypse that are often overlooked.

1. Condiments

When we finally do reach the end of the world as we know it, there is one thing we know that will not change: Mayonnaise and Spicy sauce makes everything better. In an environment filled with chaos, finding consistency in whatever way we can is crucial to our psychological health. Imagine how much comfort will be found in the simple reality that your can of tuna tastes a thousand times better with mayonnaise.
For those of you who are anti-spicy sauce, don’t let your dislike force you to overlook its value! Spicy sauce is a known bacteria-killing agent. In post-disaster scenarios, medications quickly run out. The sauce can easily be consumed to fight off virus and infection, and applied to wounds if you are feeling particularly desperate.

2. Tea

When people think of “Zombie Outbreak” they never think to bring along the tea bags, yet tea can come in very useful when the undead break out. After staying up all night fighting the zombies tea bags can be used to sooth tired eyes, stop bleeding, kill foot odour and make a refreshing beverage for when things calm down a bit.

3. Pet Food

You’re living in a post-apocalyptic world, not an alternate universe where your dog or cat, Fluffy or Mr.Cuddles, never existed. No pet left behind! If you have or have not begun your emergency preparation, make sure somewhere in your plans you’ve set aside time and money to prep for your pet because when it all hits the fan, you’ll want to keep them around to alert you of incoming walkers, kill off disease infested rodents and listen to your musings about the universe like no one else ever could.

4. Disaster Desserts

No dessert-deprived human being is equipped to escape impending disaster and doom. How are you supposed to survive when all you can really think about is cheesecake, apple crumble or treacle sponge.
Seems like a joke, but it’s actually proven that comfort foods are essential to the upkeep of your mental health. The psychological impact of indulgences under extreme duress can only help you in a survival situation, so include them in your emergency preparedness plan! Not only does comfort food act as a motivation to continue with your efforts at survival in general, but it also creates a feeling of normality that better enables you to respond to your circumstances in a rational, productive manner.
It’s good to invest now, while you can, in the seemingly insignificant provisions that just might prove to be a defining factor in your survival. So what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself against those zombies now!, oh and have a great halloween!
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