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Meet the Robots

Our composite robots are a plucky, hardworking, sarcastic bunch who handle a whole range of jobs here at composites media, including sorting and sending confirmation emails, handling incoming requests, squashing bugs, killing spam and calculating the amount of tea drunk and biscuits consumed.

#564277654 – The Spaminator aka Spammy

Spammy here spends his days sniffing out fake registration attempts on the Composites Network and hunting down comment spam, as you will see from his picture Spammy recently lost one of his hands, he says in a freak Chinese phishing accident, however evidence points towards an over aggressive nibble on a spam sandwich.

#652986115 – The Sendy 3000 aka CeeCee

This little guy sends your email confirmations, if you’ve ever registered your business at the composites directory, posted a composites job, signed up for our weekly email newsletter or got a composites network account? chances are you would have got a confirmation email from CeeCee here. Unfortunately this robot was shipped with a malfunctioning humour chip, so expect bad jokes and sarcastic comments in your emails.

#532970125 – The Accountabot aka Russell

This is our Accountabot, nicknamed Russell this little chap sends invoices, credit notes and hunts down late payers with ruthless efficiency, and his flamethrower attachment. In his spare time Russell likes to add up the numbers in the telephone book and collect discarded shopping receipts.

#649981438 – The Analyticator aka Statto

Statto is our analysis bot, this little wheeled wonder provides all of the web metrics for our websites and even analyses our refreshment levels and confectionary intake. When he’s not busy analysing he can be found at the local coffee shop discussing web metrics with his close friend the Googlebot.