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Be more social

Not so long back terms like hashtags, tweets and likes hadn’t even been heard, today billions of people are using social media and successful businesses are no exception, so why should yours be?

Drive new sales

Social media marketing needs to, at the end of the day help a business increase sales and revenues and to be fair, improving brand awareness and legitimising a brand should, by themselves go a long way to increasing sales. But there are ways to use social media to steer people toward those all important sales.  For fans of the business, business owners can write posts that link to products, sales, etc. Marketers can also use promoted content and advertisements to sell products to target audiences who haven’t become fans of a brand yet. The ability to target particular audiences is one of the greatest benefits of social media marketing.

Legitimise your brand

Another way social marketing helps with customer acquisition is by establishing a brand as legitimate. When visitors discover a business they want to know more about it and will often check for social media content before making a decision. Many small businesses have static websites that very rarely change (we can help with that!) Social media sites on the other hand should be updated with new posts, pictures and even videos, making the business look active. Similarly, the number of fans and followers you have shows how popular a company is reassuring potential customers.

Increase brand awareness

Social media is an excellent way to introduce people to a brand, some business owners have the “if you build it they will come” philosophy but if people don’t know you’re out their you could have the best services and no-one will find you. Because social networks are used by a large chunk of the worlds population today, sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are perfect ways to promote your business to potential customers.

Build better relationships

Chances are your customers both new and existing are online, some might even be using social media sites to connect in the same ways you hope to do. There is great potential in these networks to strengthen your customer relationships. Those enduring relationships are the ones that personalise a brand, establish a reputation, and build a tribe around your vision.


Check out some of our social marketing services

Planning & Strategy

A clearly defined, objective focused strategy is the key to getting the most out of your social media marketing. Our simple and effective strategies include all the ingredients to drive real business.


Whether it be brand awareness, customer engagement or straightforward sales, our creative results driven social campaigns will show you a return.

Channel Management

We can provide on-going channel management that includes content creation and regular posts and updates to drive engagement and improve brand awareness.

Commercial Activity

The right product, at the right time to the right audience will deliver results. Our commercial activity campaigns will convert your fans and followers into customers.

Social Media Training

Most of our customers come to us with some knowledge of social media sites and services and might even have set-up accounts for their business, but the common theme that we see is that they’re stuck on the difference between personal forms of social networking and business. Some of our customers will have played around with their business’ social media approach but feel
they are not getting it right or seem to be missing something, thats where we can help. Our bespoke social media training courses are tailored to the advanced engineering sector and to the requirements of your business. Our courses will ensure that you have all the information and skills required to maximise your company’s potential.

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